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NOTICE:  BOLDING with a "**" means the event has been added or changed recently, it is not a recommendation.


WARNINGS: Don't like the events and parties? you have 3 choices: move, shut up about it, reply to this and volunteer your help and provide good ideas. Remember, nearly all of these events are set up by "VOLUNTEERS," they deserve your understanding and support. 


DISCLAIMER/TERMS AND CONDITIONS: this calendar is prepared as a courtesy with no fee to or for anyone, the owner/publisher (me) makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of its contents, I try to be accurate but mistakes happen sometimes, your acceptance of this calendar is your acceptance of the information "as is� and "with all faults." Make sure you check all updated and corrected calendars for the latest information. All events require that you have valid proof of legal drinking age--at least 21 some venues may require a greater age. Your sole and exclusive remedy against the publisher should there be a problem with this calendar is the amount you paid for it--zero, nada, zilch. If you don't accept these terms don�t read this calendar and reply to this and ask to be removed from my email list and I will be happy to, but once removed I won't put you back on; if you stay on the list or read or use it, then you have agreed to accept these terms. I.E.,  DON�T BLAME ME EVEN IF IT IS MY FAULT. Thank you.


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SUBMISSIONS:  The calendar is sent out to over thirteen hundred people directly and is forwarded to many more. Requests to add events to the Calendar: should be sent to, (1) the event should be primarily social and of interest to adults under 50, (2) should not be for profit or by for profit entities unless the substantial proceeds benefit a charity (which should be fully aware of this and consent to same) , (3) the submission should be submitted with a copy of a flyer or weblink, (4) should include a contact phone number, email address, or weblink and (5) should be formatted in the style as the entries above are: day, date, time, group, event name, benefits, costs, address/directions, weblink, contact information.  Try to include all primary information without promoting commercial entities and without lots of unnecessary laudatory statements.  The calendar is sent out once a week, normally, the calendar is sent out Monday or Tuesday. If I don't receive your information timely, it won't go out until the following week. If it doesn't go out, tough luck.  I don�t charge for this service, so if it isn�t worth your time to do put the information together appropriately, it isn�t worth mine.  This is not a public forum, the editor/owner/publisher can include or exclude events and information in his own discretion, I do however, try to follow the above rules.  Typically information which is lengthy or would appear to be an advertisement will be excluded or edited. If you don't accept these terms, do not submit information about an event. Thank you. 


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