Know the rights, the rules and laws

which govern all of our lives:


Before you get bamboozled by all the pundits

out there read the original texts of the law,




By Federal Law we Floridians are now allowed free annual credit reports on ourselves.As there are three credit bureaus, you should check a different one of the three every four months. careful though they will try to encourage you to make selections which are not free�click carefully.You should monitor your credit report for inaccurate information as it affects your ability to obtain credit and at what rates you get credit.Also by monitoring your credit reports you can better minimize harm from identity theft.



BE A CAUTIOUS/CAREFUL CONSUMER:many products sold in the U.S. are unsafe and dangerous and do not meet federal or industry standards.Who looks out for you when the industry and government won�t.You do.Defective and dangerous products should be reported, you should keep proof.Enough reports may cause a product to be recalled hopefully preventing others from harm.Sometimes a manufacturer will take a bad product off the shelves only when the potential cost from lawsuits exceeds the sales. Remember, if you have damages you can also sue.Although your rights to sue for damages are under assault by many suggesting that most suits are without merit.There are and have been for years remedies for frivolous suits against both the party suing and that party�s lawyers.Don�t let your rights be eliminated by those claiming to help business.Businesses who produce non-defective reasonably safe products do not need new legislation and those who produce defective and unsafe products should not be exempt from responsibility from their actions.


For Free land in the Heartland�there are conditions:




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